The Frequency is the original lay-on-top kayak.

Buying one for flatwater or easy surf? This is the boat. Sized to fit the whole family and built to give season after season of fun. The Frequency features a drop down/flip up skeg which means it’s easy to point the boat in whatever direction you want it to take you!  Explore the shoreline to hunt for treasures or use it to get an excellent workout in an intuitive package.  Or just use it as a platform to swim from!  Self bailing (like all bellyaks) means that you never have to worry about the boat filling up with water…let the kids (of all ages) go play!  The Frequency features integrated toe braces for better body to boat contact, and a watertight hatch for your necessities.

  • Great for flatwater and fitness paddling, and can handle whitewater up to Class III+
  • Integrated skeg makes tracking easy, while flip up design means it’s easy to get out of the way for transport
  • The model for Adaptive Paddling and Pool Therapy

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Boats will be shipped to nearest shipping terminal. Residential delivery available for an additional $88, please contact us.




LENGTH:8‘7” / 262 cm
WIDTH:24” / 63.5 cm
WEIGHT:30 lbs / 13.5 kg
VOLUME45 gal / 170 L
90-220 lbs / 40-100 kg


  • High Density Linear Polyethylene
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Mold In Graphics
  • Tough HydroTurf Pad
  • High Impact Nylon Handles
  • 100% Designed and Made in the USA


I LOVE my Bellyak! It is now my preferred method of kayaking! The connection to the water is amazing, as well as the ability to hop back on when you fall off. The Bellyak is awesome for the avid kayaker and white water enthusiast but also maneuverable and stable for the recreational yakker. I, personally, am slightly older than middle age and am enjoying it immensely in our local river, which has quiet flows and class twos. Great workout, great fun, great kayak.

AnnNew York

It was so liberating the first time I tried it: no confined spaces or numb legs and feet. I USED to kayak. I have found a new joy in river sports – the Bellyak®.

Callan Welder

Frequency is great for surfing and stability.

Frequency - the orginal Bellyak boat

Bellyak Features

  • Planing Hull:  Defined chines allow easy spinning, loose surfing and unlimited down river play.
  • Rocker:  Lots of rocker in bow and stern allow for dynamic surfing in river or ocean.
  • Stable: wider profile and higher volume makes this the most forgiving of all the Bellyak designs.
  • Shorter Length:  Allows for use of feet to rudder while surfing.
  • Contoured Deck Area:  Allows for maximum control while surfing as well as easy resurfacing after drops.

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