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Bellyaks and Adaptive Paddlesports

Team River Runner is an organization who’s purpose is summed up as:

Health and Healing through Paddlesports
Serving America’s Service Members and Veterans
I designed the Bellyak as a fun way to play in the water…but it’s become so much more than that.
Bob Alexander, a volunteer with Team River Runner in Washington DC, contacted me and ordered two boats for his Team River Runner Chapter. We have since had donors purchase bellyaks for five other Team River Runner Chapters. There are 30 chapters…we have 24 chapters to go to reach our goal of two bellyaks for every chapter. Anyone who wants to purchase a bellyak or two for Team River Runner, please contact us. The generosity of our customers and fans allows us to give the gift of mobility to those who have given nearly everything. Read the words of Bob Alexander below:

“The Bellyak is a great platform for people to experience watersports.åÊ At our Walter Reed facility, we have amputees(single, double, and even quad) paddle the Bellyak around the pool and even play kayak football on Bellyaks.åÊ Many of our leg amputees paddle both the kayaks and the Bellyaks and like to change up between the two because of the great workout the Bellyak affords–arms and balance when trying squirts.åÊ One patient that is missing an arm and a leg tried the Bellyak and prefers it over swimming because it’s so much faster, easier, and still gives him a good workout.åÊ Another great feature of the Bellyak is it’s very easy to remount in the event of a flip.åÊ The leg amputees cannot climb back into an inflatable kayak without help, whereas the ease of remounting the Bellyak is perfect for games and rough water where flips are inevitable.åÊ We have not tried ocean surfing(only standing river waves)åÊin Bellyaks yet, but I know it would be a fun use of the Bellyak.åÊ All in all the Bellyak offers a comfortable way to enjoy watersports without fear of entrapment(e.g. closed kayak or canoe), provides aåÊgreat aerobic workout, helps with balance–especially in the case of TBI patients, offers more possibilities for people with disabilities, and it’s just plain fun!åÊ Hope this helps and thanks for all your help and support!”