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Why We’re 100% Made in USA

Some of the world’s most ingenious creations have been thought up and made right here in the USA, such as  Harley Davidson Bikes, cheese burgers, and 3D printing.  Did you know the bellyak joins this prestigious list too? In fact, we are 100% made in the USA. The handles, hatch, and pad all come from North […]

Bellyak Announces 2016 Clinics

Want to learn the language of whitewater in a fun and supportive environment with some of the worlds best Bellyakers? Adam Masters and Jamie MacLeod will be teaching a Quickstart Demos, One Day Intro to Whitewater and our Bellyak Progression Clinics. Quickstart Demos: These will be held once a week in Asheville on the French […]

How Bellyaks are Made

A kayak and a surfboard walked into a bar….and some months later a Bellyak was born.  That’s how they were originally made. How are they reproduced?   They are made the same way almost all kayaks are made, by rotational molding. The methods and best practices of roto-molding kayaks were pioneered by Bill Masters of Perception […]

Accessible for All: Bellyaking with Paralysis

Kyle Morgan is a C5-6 quadriplegic due to an automobile accident in 2010. Pre-injury he was an outgoing young man seeking a career in the U.S Army. After one night of celebrating, his life was torn into pieces. “The most challenging part about dealing with paralysis isn’t that you can’t walk anymore, it’s not being […]

Just add water! Pure Fun

You don’t need a river or a wave to have fun on a bellyak. Like to swim and be in the water? Then the bellyak will enhance your aquatic experience by helping you become one with the water. Are you a resort owner looking to add another activity for your guests? Do you have an […]

Cold Weather Bellyaking: How to Stay Warm in the River

  Winter time doesn’t exactly conjure up sunny images of days on the water floating lazily with your friends. In fact, it never does. But if you’ve been bit by the prone kayaking bug, waiting on warmer temps isn’t reasonable. Here are some pointers to get the most out of your wintertime bellyaking exploits: You will be […]

Team Adaptive Bellyak: Ian Engle

  There are lots of inspirational posters and sayings about “when life hands you lemons make lemonade,” and “when you fall down, get back up” etc. There are few people who embody this spirit on a day to day basis more fully than Ian Engle of Steamboat Springs CO. Ian was a division 1 wrestler […]

Bellyaks recommended by Swiftwater Rescue Professionals

I think if I were going to invent a device for swift water rescue, it wouldn’t be too far from the Bellyak. Its shape and size lends its self well to stabilizing and transporting even the seriously injured. It is solidly built and can handle serious whitewater conditions without swamping. As you can see in […]

Bellyak Announces New Program to Support Team River Runner

From May 15-June 15, for every boat purchased through a retailer or www.bellyak.com, a portion of the proceeds will be used to provide bellyaks for Team River Runner, a non-profit organization serving Veterans through adaptive sports. Bellyak, makers of personal adventure boats (or lay on top kayaks), announced a new program today to benefit Team […]

Prone Position Watercraft PATENT ISSUED!

“Prone Position Watercraft” patent number US8696395B2,åÊissued on April 15th 2014. It’s been over three years since we filed for our provisional patent, and now we officially have a utility patent! Our patent grants us the sole right to produce boats with “lateral and longitudinal rocker” with a “recessed area to accommodate the riders body.” The […]