Play 45

This is the most versatile of all the Bellyaks we offer… wide weight range, super stable, great for paddlers of all abilities.

The big brother to the Play 35, the Play 45 is a high performance interface between rider and water that offers extra stability for bigger riders or those just looking for the most stable ride on any aquatic terrain. The extra size and volume  makes it a great boat for running steeper and/or bigger water. The extra volume also provides increased stability for first timers, making it the first choice for rental operations on moving water. The Play 45 is our most versatile design in that it will suit a wide size range of paddlers.

  • Wide weight range
  • Super stable for all types of water
  • Our Best Seller

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LENGTH:7‘7” / 231 cm
WIDTH:25″ / 63.5cm
WEIGHT:30 lbs / 13.5 kg
VOLUME:45 gal / 170 L
WEIGHT RANGE:130-300 lbs / 58-136 kg


  •  High Density Linear Polyethylene
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Mold In Graphics
  • Tough HydroTurf Pad
  • High Impact Nylon Handles
  • 100% Designed and Made in the USA


I’ve had my new Bellyak Play 45 out 4x now. I love how forgiving it is as I learn. It’s almost like it is adjusting to me, instead of me adjusting to it. It is that smooth! Thanks for your great design!
Jim KampaGreenville, Wisconsin

The Play 45 is great for rentals, outfitters and institutional use.

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Play 45 Features

  • Planing Hull:  Defined chines allow easy spinning, loose surfing and unlimited down river play.
  • Rocker:  Lots of rocker in bow and stern allow for dynamic surfing in river or ocean.
  • Stable: wider profile and higher volume makes this the most forgiving of all the Bellyak designs.
  • Shorter Length:  Allows for use of feet to rudder while surfing.
  • Contoured Deck Area:  Allows for maximum control while surfing as well as easy resurfacing after drops.

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