What is a Bellyak?

A Bellyak is a craft for lay-on-top kayaking, similar to prone paddling. A Bellyak provides a perfect interface between you and the water, and is designed to be ridden lying down, without restricting straps or a confining spray skirt. Think of it as a belly-on-top instead of a sit-on-top kayak. It is to kayaking what snowboarding is to skiiing…an entirely new way to explore the same terrain.

On calm water, it’s a combination of open water swimming and prone paddling. In moving water, it’s safer than whitewater swimming, but provides more control than riverboarding. Any way you use it, a Bellyak provides a quick and easy way to get on the water, explore and play.

100% Designed & Made in Western North Carolina

Take it for a test paddle

The best way to get a feel for Bellyak is to jump on and try one – it’s comfortable to ride and easy to get on the water! Find a local rental or a demo event near you:


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