Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

10: Have you been on Shark Tank?

No, we haven’t been on Shark Tank, but I would vote Mark Cuban for President any day, and he would be the Shark we would most want to do a deal with. We were on Adventure Capitalists, which was a spin off of Shark Tank for outdoor gear. We were offered a deal but didn’t take it. Any regrets? None at all.

Bellyak on Adventure Capitalists

9: Can you stand up on it?

Smaller people can stand on the bellyak, but since it’s designed for paddling prone it is not wide enough to comfortably support an adult standing up. Standing up is for walking, or surfing, as below.

Bellyak surfing 1

8: Do you wear a leash?

Absolutely not. You can use one in the ocean if required, but in any inland setting we strongly suggest not using any type of leash or tether due to the potential of entrapment.

7: Do you make one for non-handicapped people?

 The Bellyak is an excellent option for people with differing abilities due to congenital issues, injuries, etc. Since you are low to the water and your whole body is supported by the boat issues such as lateral stability and core stability needed in a kayak isn’t an issue for paddling prone. That’s the beauty of the bellyak: little or no adaptations needed to use for adaptive paddling. We make three models of the Bellyak, and they all work regardless of your ability. One Boat to Float Them All.

6: Do you have all of your teeth?

Mostly, but none have been lost from bellyaking. There is quite a bit of boat out in front of you and since your whole body is supported there is no ‘lever point’ that can cause the boat to pivot up and hit you in the face like on a boogie board.

5: Do you get wet?

Does the rain fall towards the earth? Yes, yes you do get wet.

4: Can you creek in that?

Absolutely. You can go most places a kayak can go…and many places they can’t. Obviously low water and steep drops aren’t a recipe for face first success, so please use common sense.

3: Where do I get one?

We currently sell directly from our website and then a few days later a large truck shows up at your house with your Bellyak all wrapped up and cozy.

2: Can you see anything?

Contrary to popular belief of those who haven’t yet to try it, you can see quite a lot. Your face is approximately 18” off of the water, and you can easily get up on your knees or switch to seated in order to see what is coming downstream.

1: Does it hurt your neck?

Sometimes my neck hurts when I use too large of a pillow. The bellyak ‘body to boat’ interface was painstakingly developed to minimize the stress placed on the lower back from lying in a prone position. Quite simply, there is a consistent downward curve from your chest to your knees which allows you to lie prone as comfortably as possible. And since you aren’t strapped in or confined by a sprayskirt or cockpit, it’s quite easy, with a little practice, to move around the boat into different positions. And don’t you carry your head around on your shoulders all day? 

Keep Calm and Paddle On Friends!


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