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Top 12 Gift Ideas for Water Lovers

It may feel like the holidays are still very far away. Or you may be hyper-ventilating into a brown paper bag because you have to start holiday shopping. Don’t worry though – we’re here with the best ideas for the water lover in your life! Get your gift list out and happy shopping!

2018 Bellyaks

The Prime Rib

1) The bellyak: Obviously the first and best choice would be a bellyak. Pick from the whitewater specialty Play 35, the multi-talented Play 45, or the flatwater/newbies dream of the Frequency.

Just don’t forget to order by December 15th for guaranteed Christmas Delivery!

Need help deciding which bellyak will be best for you/your giftee? This video will help!

Under $150

2) Astral Ringo/Layla: Hands down the best PFD on the market for prone paddling. The flat/single panel front with Kapok foam is super comfortable, and the adjustability makes it easy to fit a wide range of body sizes comfortably. These vests run a bit big. >>> Shop here

3) Watershed Drybag: Do you need to keep stuff super dry? This is a man purse (or murse) that is super handy for keeping your dry clothes dry in the back of your car, or in a pinch it keeps your ice and cold beer. The tough fabric and waterproof zipper doesn’t discriminate which side the water is on. It keeps it out. >>> Shop here

4) Surf Check Parka: This thing is a beast. Change under it, put it on before paddling/after paddling/ running shuttle, or just stroll lazily in nasty weather in it. It’s like your own private eco-system. >>> Shop here

Watershed Drybags

Under $100

5) Surf Fur Surf Check Hoody: This will become your favorite hoody of all time. Waterproof outside, soft and warm on the inside. The opposite of lightweight and packable. Wear it in the rain, wear it over your wet gear when you get out of the water, sleep in it. You’ll have to be told to take it off. >>> Shop here

6) NRS Zip Hydro Skin: If there was a go to leather jacket that you could wear in all weather designed for the water, this would be it. I wear this jacket all the time, it’s comfortable, fits true to size, and is the perfect addition with board shorts for cooler days and can be worn as part of a layering system for when the water is cold. You can even wear it after hours to the brewery if that’s how you roll. >>> Shop here

7) Astral Loyak: Freak in the sheets and a lady on the streets? That’s what these are. They look great in the water and on the trail. The only downside? Once you get used to them nothing else will be the same and you will never be able to wear another pair of shoes again. >>> Shop here

Astral Shoes

Under $50

8) Aqua Sphere Seal Goggles: Every water lover needs a good pair of goggles and these are the best. Anti fog, clear view, no raccoon eye, solid seal around the eyes for no leakage. Perfect for swimming laps, snorkeling without a snorkel, or just keeping your contacts in place for Class V bellyaking. >>> Shop here

9) Fini Hand Paddles: These are great for training in the pool and super fun in the lake. And above all they are a very pleasing design. >>> Shop here

10) Hydro Skin Socks: You may not wear these much, but socks are always a good gift, so why not give them a high tech sock that will keep their feet warm while wet? Indispensable when the water gets cold. >>>Shop here

11) New Wave Swim Buoy: Be seen while open water swimming, plus they probably don’t have this! >>> Shop here

12) Bellyak Hoody: Looking for that extra go-to layer when you’re fresh from the water? This unisex zip hoody made by Recover is possibly the most comfortable hoody you’ve ever felt and perfect for going out or staying in. The best part? It’s made from 100% recycled materials (a mix of recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton).  Look stylin’ and join the sustainability movement with this cozy wardrobe staple. >>> Shop here

Bellyak hoody

That’s all folks – you’re welcome!