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***This is the second installment of the History of Bellyak. To catch up, read part 1 HERE.*** Second Evolution of the History of Bellyak: The Meat Locker Flirting With Hypothermia Neither wind nor rain nor freezing temps were going to keep me from paddling my creations. I had spent countless hours sanding, shaping and glassing my […]

Bellyak Race for a Cause 2018

Last month we hosted the second annual Bellyak Race for a Cause, as part of the Mountain Sports Festival. Despite the liquid sunshine that appeared just as we paddled away, it was a great success! We had 13 participants from 7 states and ages from 8 to awesome.      The Participants The Pollick family […]

Essential Gear for Bellyaking

The beauty of bellyaking is it’s simplicity. No paddle, no cumbersome sprayskirt, no extra gear. Just you and the boat. While it’s a possibility this is all you may need, most of us don’t live on a remote island in the middle of the desert which would allow such shenanigans. Instead, here’s a list of […]

How Bellyaks are Made

We’d like to think a stork magically appears and drops off new bellyaks to people all over the world. Or that they sustainably grow out of bellyak seeds. Unfortunately, neither of these options are feasible for mass production. Instead, the bellyaks are rotationally molded at BIG Adventures in Fletcher NC. Rotomolding is as much of […]

Training in the Off Season for Prone Whitewater Greatness

It’s true that one of the most popular off season workouts involves watching YouTube and drinking beer.  While this is one of the top training methods for marginal athletic performance, this approach results in startling feelings of being out of shape after a long cold winter. We suggest another route: intentional training for the activity […]

Five Hidden Gems to Paddle in Western North Carolina

There are no shortage of beautiful waterways to bellyak on than in our home region of Western North Carolina. Not only do we have killer BBQ and more craft breweries than we can count on our fingers and toes, but we also have more than 400,000 miles of waterways in the whole state. You better […]

Prone River Surfing

By Adam Masters, bellyak Founder There is no better feeling than having your face inches from the water while watching the river rush by. Going fast while sitting still. Prone river surfing causes time to stop, and everyone remembers their first time better than prom night. For most, it’s the only anniversary that matters. Most […]

What Heretical Ideas Are You Willing to Embrace?

re-posted with permission from the author I love motorcycles. I’ve spoken at the Motorcycle Industry Council, I’ve met with the majority of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and have visited with over 100 dealers in recent years. But the motorcycle industry is one of many that’s battling a stagnant or shrinking market, and the only […]

Why I love the Play 35

  The reason I love the Play 35 is the same reason Bill Wunderlich, 2 time Tennessee State heavy weight wrestling champion loves the Play 45:  it just fits. When I first cruised on a Bellyak I made it down the Class 4 waters we were paddling with a huge smile on my face. I’m […]