happy Bellyak rider

A Dozen Reasons why I love the Frequency: A Novice Whitewater Girls View

I love the Frequency because…

1) It makes me feel safe

2) I see sections of river I’ve never seen before

3) I feel way more awesome than when I’m in the ducky

4) People think I’m cool and courageous going “head first” through whitewater

5) I can learn water flow and current better by removing some of my fear

6) I can sit up, lay down, or kneel without the boat tipping over

7) I carry the beer and snacks in my hatch

8) The integrated toe cups allow me to “hook myself in” when the current gets gnarly

9) I haven’t had to learn how to roll a kayak (yet

10)The graphics are freaking bad a**







11) It makes me look more talented than I actually am


12) I have more fun on the water than ever before