What You Need to Bellyak

What you need to Bellyak

Bellyak – Play or Frequency

Shred Ready Standard Half Cut Helmet – Shred Ready Standard Half Cut

Astral Buoyancy PFD – Astral Buoyancy

NRS Propulsion Glove Hand Paddles – NRS Propulsion Gloves

NRS Kicker WetshoeShoes are optional…but we like NRS Kicker Wetshoe

That is about it folks!

Depending on the water temp and time of year, you may also consider –

*Adam’s Note

Because you are exposed to water more than in a regular kayak, a wetsuit offers the best combination of warmth and flexibility for being in the water, without extra resistance from extra fabric of, for example, a drysuit. In the heat of summer, shorts and/or bathing suit and a rashguard are usually enough, unless it’s really cold water (ie: the Nantahala). Be sure to sunscreen the back of your legs–that’s not a fun sunburn! Also, a lifejacket and a helmet are essentials. So far, the PFD’s by Astral work best. Many kayaking vests are made with extra thick padding in the abdomen area and/or pockets which, unfortunately, can be somewhat uncomfortable to lay on. The Astral vests“Norge” or “Abba” with Kapok foam seem to be best, as they conform well to the body while laying down. NRS Propulsion Gloves are used for speed and direction. We are also developing an area on the boat for storing a dry bag. As of now, there is a sizeable hatch in the bow. We love Watershed Dry Bags in general for toting gear.