Lauren at the ocean with her Bellyak

Bellyaks in the Ocean

Remember that deodorant commercial “Strong enough for a man but PH balanced for a woman?” The Bellyak version is “strong enough for hard whitewater but perfectly suited for the ocean.”

Wave Time

I’ve often thought of the bellyak as a cross between a kayak and a surfboard, and I even studied surfboard profiles when coming up with the bellyak design. Rivers and waves have one thing in common: they are both dynamic, moving forces that can either beat you down or give you the ride of your life. I spend most of my time in and around the rivers of western North Carollina, so sun and sand were a welcome change from rain and rocks.

I traveled to Folly Beach recently to visit with dealers and outfitters, but most importantly to have a photo shoot with ladies on the boats…we have way too many shots of a: me, and b: dudes in rivers all geared up. My friend Stratton Lawrence, proud bellyak owner and excellent journalist for the Charleston City Paper has many beautiful and willing friends who came out for a fun surf session at Beach Access #4.

Paddling out through the waves is almost as fun as surfing back in

Paddling out through the waves is almost as fun as surfing back in


Which boat is good in the surf? All of them! The Frequency is great for paddling out and getting a good workout in…the fast hull combined with the toecups allows for great speed and glide. Paddling just past where the waves break is a lot of fun. The ‘body cavity’ of the bellyak gives you great stability within the boat, and the hatch lets you take whatever you might need. There is a beer ban on the beaches of Folly, but does it extend to the ocean? The Frequency holds two beverages of your choice in the drop in bowl in the front hatch…just paddle out past the waves and enjoy! I doubt anyone will stop you.

Not just for bellies! You can stand on it too.

Not just for bellies! You can stand on it too.

The Play series, designed for ‘playing’ in the river is right at home on ocean waves. The planing hull makes surfing a snap, and the extra rocker allows you to do 360’s and other tricks.

The new Play 35

The new Play 35

åÊWhy Bellyak in the Ocean? Why not just surf?

Surfing is great, if the waves are good. If the waves aren’t great, then the surfing is not so great. Since the bellyak is like a kayak, you are planing above the water at all times, which means that you can surf the smallest, sloppiest of waves and still have fun. What does this mean for you? That any conditions will provide endless exercise and entertainment. Plus, you can lay on it when you’re done, as it makes an excellent ‘dynamic nap platform.’


Play 35




Don't you want to be this happy?

Don’t you want to be this happy?

You too can be this happy! Just ask your local retailer or rental agency about Bellyak, and if they haven’t heard about us, tell them! If there isn’t a dealer close to you we ship anywhere in the USA!