Outfitters: Time for Something New?


Let’s face it, as an outfitter, you constantly have to improve your offering in order to get repeat customers. Unless you have the benefit of working on multiple rivers at consistent flows or have a steady stream of new clients, you have to differentiate, and offer something that can get your past customers to come back again and again.

If you’re looking for something easy, like an inflatable kayak, this isn’t it. If you want something that anyone can do with little skill, like an inner tube, the bellyak also isn’t for you.

However, if you want a totally unique offering that challenges even the most jaded whitewater enthusiast, or a solution to those dreadful low water summers, the Bellyak is perfect.

You see, the Bellyak is what it sounds like: a kayak you ride on your belly. No skirts, no straps, no fear of being trapped.

Sure, your client is going to get totally wet. But that’s the fun, right? They didn’t come to you to stay dry, otherwise they would’ve stayed on the couch.

Let’s take for example a family: whitewater kayaker mom wants to introduce her family to moving water, but husband isn’t a river person. He’s fit and knows how to swim, but isn’t crazy about being trapped in a kayak (familiar?). They are regular customers on your Class II section of river, but they are ready for a new experience. So what do you do? Accommodate mom and let dad run shuttle? No! Let dad try the bellyak. Not only will he learn the ins and outs of how to read whitewater, he’ll have a blast doing it. Mom will get to kayak, and the kids, well, they just hope they’re old enough to join dad! Also, mom will see how much fun dad is having and join him in a bellyak!

Team Bellyak on the French Broad River. Photo: Effort, Inc.

Team Bellyak on the French Broad River. Photo: Effort, Inc.

You see, the bellyak isn’t just a gimmick or a “one trick pony.” There are multiple ways to ride…seated, kneeling, prone. The learning curve is vast. From simply learning to go downstream to catching eddies, surfing, spinning, splatting…the fun and learning progression is limitless and thus the experience for your customers will never be boring.

Bellyak Hang TagBellyak Hang Tag seatedBellyak Hang Tag kneeling




The Bellyak is stackable, meaning it’s an easy addition to a raft trip…pull it out and let folks play on them at lunch time, or experience a short stretch of moving water within a longer rafting trip. Self bailing means the boats never fill with water, and if a client falls off, they can easily climb back on!

Durability? All bellyaks are made out of high density linear polyethylene with stainless steel hardware and mold in graphics…which means: they last and can take all of the abuse an outfitter can dish out!

And if they break? We stand behind our products and will repair or replace as necessary.

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