Freedom on the River

Team Bellyak Profile: William Blakely

I’m a seventeen year old adaptive athlete who uses a wheelchair. Paddling a bellyak has changed my life by giving me freedom from my wheelchair for a few hours and enabling me to get on the river and paddle with my mom and friends.


I was born with cerebral palsy. Paddling a regular kayak is difficult for me because of the metal plates in my hips, and the spasticity in my leg muscles and paddling a bellyak makes it so much easier. After enjoying demoing the bellyak provided by founder Adam Masters, I decided that I wanted one. Well, Mom got me my own bellyak for Christmas last year. I’ve already taken it on the Cartecay and the metro hooch, and loved it.

If I got the opportunity, I would like to take lessons from Adam on how to control my bellyak better, and anything else that Adam could teach me would be helpful for future trips down the river.



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