7Figure Dry Suit

Gear Review: Immersion Research 7Figure Dry Suit

We used to think dry suits were in the realm of the privileged and sponsored. Something you got when you graduated gnar school. A luxury for the fortunate, an unattainable holy grail of wintertime warmth for Southeastern boaters. What’s wrong with a farmer john wetsuit and a drytop? I mean, is there a difference between that and say, the 7Figure Immersion Research Dry Suit?

Immersion Research 7Figure Dry Suit

The Immersion Research Difference

Immersion Research is the difference. The first thing you notice about the 7Figure Dry Suit – compared to other dry suits – is that it’s lightweight. Almost like a very thin softshell material. Not at all bulky or heavy like some other dry suits on the market. For us at bellyak, this is perfect. You’re moving around your boat all the time…laying down, to kneeling, to seated, to swimming, to laying on your back. And all points in between. Plus, you’re always in the water practically swimming the whole time. Before this dry suit came into our lives, I wore two wet suits plus fleece. Not only did I feel like a fat kid in a snowstorm, it was way too much gear to put on and taking it off at the takeout was about as fun as a root canal, but a lot less warm.

Bellyaking in a drysuit

Dry Suit Feels

For one, you feel fabulous in the 7Figure. It’s vibrant shades of blue or lime and grey look great in a variety of settings, and the supple drape of the fabric makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

But then you get in the water. Your mind says its cold. The weatherman says it’s cold. But all you feel is a slightly cool sensation, with no dampness. Wow. This is awesome, I’m actually enjoying this!”  Plus, the rear zip means no uncomfortable bulges to lay on – the relief zipper is just for that. The supple drape I mention? Yes, it’s very nice, and allows full range of movement. I wore this dry suit approximately 80 days since owning it, and the only complaint I have is this: if you don’t cut your big ass toe nails, you will wear a hole in your dry suit sock. I have since switched over to less aggressive pedicures and the problem seems to have vanished.

Taking Out and Taking Off

One of the nicest things about the drysuit is getting to the takeout. Remember the first time you ever talked on a car-phone? That’s right, a car-phone. You were like, “Hey, I’m driving and talking, woohoo!” That’s how I feel every time I get out of the river in my dry suit. “Hey look, I’m totally dry inside of here and I’ve been swimming in the river for the past 2 hours!”

Shock, disbelief and gratitude to the folks at Immersion Research for building an outstanding product, and indirectly endorsing my river swimming habits.

Skip your mortgage payment this month and buy one: https://www.immersionresearch.com/store/outerwear/mens-dry-suits/7figure-dry-suit/