Introducing the Single Use Plastic Bellyak

In our never ending quest to provide the best value and outdoor experience to our customers we are proud to introduce our newest product:

New Product Announced!

The challenge of making such a quality product for so many years is that our customers from 2013 are still paddling the same bellyak, making a happy customer but doing nothing to help our bottom line. Our rotomolded polyethylene Bellyaks just simply last too long. We switched to a new molder in 2016 and the situation got even worse. Our quality went through the roof once we partnered with Liquid Logic and the folks at BIG Adventures. Our new models are of such high quality that they will literally last for decades.

This isn’t acceptable. The cost of acquiring a new customer is one of the biggest variable expenses of a new business. Almost all successful companies strive to figure out how to sell more stuff to the same customer. Brands get you ‘hooked’ and then next thing you know you are buying the latest accessory pouch for your $300 cooler and wearing a $30 trucker hat.

We here at Bellyak believe the experience of paddling should be first and foremost, and we strive to simplify the interface between man and water to focus on the experience, whereby the product is merely a means to an end. This is great for you, but means we don’t sell multiple things to the same customer. In order to combat this and to do our part to help climate change, we proudly introduce:


Gone are the days of having to paddle the same boat every weekend. Gone are the issues of where to store your bellyak when you aren’t paddling. Use it once and chuck it. Better yet, throw it directly in the ocean. It will float out to the great garbage patch and mentor microplastics. The large size will insure that it doesn’t breakdown, ever.


Multiple studies have confirmed that millenials interest in paddlesports lasts as long as it takes to get that great pose for the ‘gram. It’s all about the likes, and durable products are for baby boomers. The SINGLE USE PLASTIC BELLYAK (SUPB) lasts approximately 2 hours. We have done extensive testing to show that this is the sweet spot: lasts long enough to get in place for a great pic, but is ready to be discarded before the next pose worthy adventure.

“We are always watching trends and we feel that the introduction of the SUPB will revolutionize the way people paddle, in much the same way that prone river paddling has done for learning whitewater” states creator Burt Stacherton, and the visionary behind the Single Use Plastic Bellyak Movement. “We hope to make this an industry standard, and increase the turn rate of our customer base to grow jobs nationwide.”

Single Use Plastic Bellyaks are now available worldwide.


Oh, also:


April Fools!

Published on April 1st 2019