That Actually Looks Fun and Other Things Overheard

“He who dies with the most toys, still dies. He who has the most fun, wins.”

-a smart person

Bellyaking on the Ocoee River

Things Overheard


1: That actually looks fun

I’ve heard this one countless times after surfing a wave and smiling my face off. Of course it’s fun. Why would we do it otherwise? It’s just plain fun. Just add water.


2: Does it hurt your neck? (This is way more comfortable than I imagined!)

It’s natural to assume that lying prone and looking forward would hurt your neck. If you are lying flat on your stomach and arching your back to look up your neck could become fatigued. However, we’ve spent countless hours designing the ergonomics so that the ‘nipple to knee’ ratio is just right: A consistent downward curve from your chest to your knees, keeping hips lower than ribs and knees lower than hips. What does this equal? Once people lie prone on the Bellyak we hear them say “this is way more comfortable than I imagined!!”

Consistent Curve from Chest to Knees=Comfort

3: Do you make one not for disabled people?

We do a lot of events for differently-abled folks. Differently-abled, disabled, handicapped, the Bellyak happens to require little or no adaptation in order to be used by people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. If you can lie on your stomach and move your arms, even a little bit, you can Bellyak. There are very few pieces of sports equipment that aren’t specially adapted for the user. This is what makes the Bellyak so unique: the same piece of equipment can be used by all people, regardless of ability. No special equipment required. One boat to float them all.

4: I already know how to roll a kayak.

That’s like saying you already know how to drive a car so you don’t need a truck. Granted, if you love kayaking (I do too, read our history here) then you may already have your vehicle of choice. If you love the water and want to experience the thrill and excitement of seeing a river from an entirely new perspective or just want an incredibly portable and lightweight human powered watercraft for any body of water, then try the Bellyak.

5: Can you stand on it?

With the advent of Stand Up Paddleboarding capturing the hearts and minds of the world over the past 7 years, it’s a natural question. In order to make a craft stable enough to stand on, it has to be fairly wide. In order to effectively paddle prone, the craft has to be sufficiently narrow. The Bellyak is capable of being stood on by kids, but is designed to be paddled prone.

6: What about your face?

Face first down a river sounds like a great way to keep your dentist employed. However, the Bellyak’s are all over seven feet long, with plenty of bow out in front of you. The boat extends well in front of your body, protecting your pearly whites.

Plenty of protection between you and the rocks.

What have you heard? Send us a message and let us know!